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When I was figuring out how to build a website, I had to decide which sections that I would include. I was told by some "helpful" people that I had to have a biography section so people could get to know me a little bit. Personally, I never read these things. I figure that most people who come to my website are interested in the stones, and not about me. So, if you want to skip this part, that's fine with me. (I would) I have kind of a boring life anyway. I mostly just work, do what my wife tells me to do around the house and play with my grandkids. That's about it. But, if you are a glutton for punishment then, I suppose you can read the rest. Just remember... I warned you.

I was born in Aurora, Illinois in 1958. Dad was an ironworker and an entertainer. He loves music and passed that love to all of his kids. Here is a clip of him singing with a friend of his. Mom stayed home with us... all six of us. I am the oldest. I have four brothers and one sister and our family is very close. I am married to a great woman, who puts up with my long hours without giving me too much grief about it, until it's time to mow the lawn... then "all bets are off." I have 2 beautiful daughters. Technically they are my step daughters, but I love them like they are my own. That brings us, finally, to my pride and joy - 3 little grand daughters (and a grandson on the way) who are busy with a research project. The theme of their project has to do with how far you can stretch someone's ears before you pull them off.

I have always been an artist. I sold my first painting when I was seven years old and did my first stone work at twelve. I graduated high school, but never went to college.

I have two main goals. One is to be the very best in my field. Not just the best there is, but the best there ever was. My second goal is to be recognized for the quality of my work. What good is it to be the best if no one knows about it? I think all artists have that desire. Some people tell me that I am already there, but Tom Hanks never called me to do that WW II memorial in Washington DC... so I better keep working at it.