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Every memorial I create is one of a kind, so it is impossible to list prices the conventional way. I can't really give you a price untill I know what you want. What I can do, however, is give you a basic price range so you will know what to expect if you want me to create your memorial. Generally speaking, My artwork comes in two categories, Laser and Hand Work. Laser etchings cost less, and I am very good at it, but my hand work is the very best there is.

So here is a range of what you can expect to pay. A standard shaped upright monument on a base, for one person, with..say a nice portrait on the front and a scene on the back... maybe a '69 Mustang going down the highway toward a mountain sunset... is going to cost somewhere between thirty five and forty five hundred dollars if it is done by laser. Add about fifteen hundred to that if you want the work to be done by hand instead.

Here is an example. look at this photo. There are 2 sections to this stone, which is normal. The top section (the part with the eagle) is called the tablet. The bottom section of the stone is called the base (you can't really see the base in this picture) and both pieces fit together on top of the foundation. The tablet on this memorial is 30 inches across and it is 30 inches tall at the highest point. There is a portrait on the other side of the stone. The artwork is all done by hand and the total price, including the artwork, would be about six thousand dollars plus tax, installed in a local cemetery. We would arrange shipping and installation at an additional charge to get a stone, something like this, to your area.

Here is another example. look at this photo. This memorial is one piece. It is about 2 feet across and fourteen inches from front to back. The portrait is done by laser. This stone would cost about seventeen hundred dollars.

If you want to go large... look at this photo. There is a lot of artwork on the other side as well. This monument took months to create and so it is more expensive. A monument like this would cost about twenty thousand. The best way to do this is to tell me what you want to spend, and let me come up with the nicest thing you can get for that amount of money. If you have fifty two hundred dollars to work with, then why look at twenty thousand dollar stones. Also, by working this way we can avoid playing "salesman games" which I really hate. The bottom line is that I want to do the work. If you want me to create your memorial stone, then we will work something out. I'm not trying to get rich doing this... I just want to be remembered, when I die, for the work I did in life.