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how it works

This page explains what happens when you choose me to create your memorial stone.

First Contact

Whether it's by e-mail, letter, telephone, or in person - the first step is to get ahold of me. I prefer the telephone for the first contact, so we can actually have a conversation, but e-mail is good too. If you contact me by e-mail or letter, put your phone number in the message. If you come in person, then please call first to set up a time.



Don't try to design everything out before we start. The best ideas usually come as we work together. If you know what you want, then we can see how that looks. You may be surprised how a few minor changes to an idea can make it even better. If you have no idea whatsoever what you want, then you'll be amazed at the ideas we come up with together.

The Layouts

You will gather together the reference materials I'll need to do the work, photos, baseball gloves, ballet slippers... you get the idea. I will then do a series of layouts, beginning with one side of the stone. We will make the necessary changes and refinements until we get it just right. Then we will do the same thing with the other side. This is where e-mail comes in handy.
Most of the layout work is done back and forth by e-mail. When the layout looks good you will give me the "Go Ahead" by approving the final layouts by e-mail or in writing.


The Work In Stone

This is when it all comes together. I will work from the approved layouts and work directly on the stone. This part can be kind of difficult for you because you are basically waiting for me to finish. You can always check the progress of the work by calling. You can check the "Work In ProgressProjects I'm Working On Now" section of this site to see if pictures of your stone's progress are posted. I try to keep it up to date. When the stonework is completed we will make arrangements for your final approval. We can do this by e-mail or in person, however you wish. When you are totally satisfied with the finished memorial we can take care of the delivery and/or installation.

This Is Important

I will do my best to keep to a timely schedule, but the quality of the work must come first. I absolutely will not be rushed. I guarante your satisfaction, so you will need to be patient. I promise you it will be worth the wait.
The fact is, in the coming years, it won't matter how long it took to create your memorial... It won't even really matter how much it cost. The only thing that will matter is how it looks. Period.