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There are a hundred reasons to pre-plan your memorial stone. I will go over a few with you here.

First of all YOU get to decide what you want on your memorial. If you are married you can create your monument together. Think of how difficult this might be for your wife or husband to have to do alone. If you are not married, why would you want to leave this to someone else?

Secondly it costs less. Seriously, these are not the least expensive things you will ever buy. How much more do you think a monument will cost in 10 years or even 20. Historically, prices go up about 5 to 10 percent every 1 to 3 years. 15 years from now the memorial could cost twice as much!

The third reason is that you will be less emotional about it. You can actually have fun designing your stone, instead of fighting back the tears.

Reason number four is financing. We offer two years same as cash financing on pre-planned memorials. This is done in house, not through some finance company.It's a simple thing. You take the amount of the memorial, divide it by 24 and make monthly payments. When the monument is half paid I will begin drawings. When it is paid in full it will be shipped or placed in the cemetery. No Interest. No kidding.

And finally the best and most important reason of all... I am here NOW! Let's face it, we get older every day. If you wait for fifteen or twenty years I may be playing checkers with Elvis. (I hope not... I hear The King cheats)